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Freedom and Fashion Mentorship Program

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We are a non-profit working towards a future where oppression no longer exists.

Using the arts of fashion and beauty, we create programs that empower youth conquering trafficking, homelessness, and other injustices.

The Freedom and Fashion Mentorship Program exists to take its students from a place of discouragement into a reality of power! Through experiencing such extreme levels of abuse many of our students have lost their sense of identity, worth, and freedom. If they are able to break free of the lies that are holding them captive they will discover their ability to rewrite their story.  To accomplish this our students must be in a caring, inclusive, and creative learning environment that promotes a positive self-image, purpose, and creative thinking.

Using the arts of fashion, beauty, and mentorship, we transform thinking while creating a fashion line. Above learning the marketable skills of the fashion and beauty industry, our youth are provided with a new way to look at themselves and their experiences.

Infusing practical lessons with important conversations on self-image, leadership, and the power of choice, students break through unhealthy cycles and heal from past traumas. Activating their creativity also enables them exercises the right hemisphere of the brain restoring their ability to visualize and dream again!

At the end of the program we showcase our youth’s designs and creativity in our Annual Fashion Show. This is not only an opportunity for our youth to experience what it's like to share their art and be empowered by their community, it doubles as an awareness platform and fundraiser.

Students are also be provided with new school clothes. Being able to choose our clothing is a luxury that many of our youth don't have. We provide them with a personalized shopping experience with our industry stylists to empower them and to meet one of their basic needs; clothing.

We thank you in advance for any contribution you can make toward our program. Your generosity will ensure our youth have the tools, team, and resources needed to succeed!

-1 in 3 young people is solicited for sex within 48 hrs of running away or being homeless in the US.

-1 in 6 women are survivors of rape or attempted rape.

-Between 21-30 million men, women and children are enslaved today. That means there are more slaves now than during all the years of the entire transatlantic slave trade combined

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Freedom and Fashion Mentorship Program

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